The Log Cabin  - Rustic Charm with Modern Comfort

Summer is Here!!

We had snow-cover through early May!  Now the grass and the trees have made their wonderful return to green, and the flowers are in bloom. We have identified 22 species of birds, and still counting!

The weather is perfect for hiking, fishing, checking out local historic sites, shopping at farmer's markets, visiting museums, or perhaps a bit of antiquing!   

 When you are done with your busy day, retreat to the comfort of
 The Log Cabin. Enjoy a homemade breakfast; read a good book by the fire; enjoy nature from your own porch, or just take a nap in the afternoon.

Meet Our Lawn Maintenance Crew!
They are Susan B. Anthony, Florence Nightingale and Archimedes...affectionately known as Sue, Flo, and Archie.  

The sheep were shorn in May.  Much more wool this year, now that they are a very grown-up 2-years-old!

There is something magical about knitting with yarn from my own sheep.  I take care of them, and now they are giving back in return. Grandson Quinn is the proud owner of the first hat knit from Archie's wool!

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a small New England town. 
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